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Comment on “Genomic Hypomethylation in the Human Germline Associates with Selective Structural Mutability in the Human Genome”
Confounding by Repetitive Elements and CpG Islands Does Not Explain the Association between Hypomethylation and Genomic Instability


Retrotransposon Activates Ectopic Expression: A Short Tail

Research Article

Complex Inheritance of Melanoma and Pigmentation of Coat and Skin in Grey Horses
A Meta-Analysis of Thyroid-Related Traits Reveals Novel Loci and Gender-Specific Differences in the Regulation of Thyroid Function
Genetic Landscape of Open Chromatin in Yeast
Deleterious Alleles in the Human Genome Are on Average Younger Than Neutral Alleles of the Same Frequency
Age-Dependent Transition from Cell-Level to Population-Level Control in Murine Intestinal Homeostasis Revealed by Coalescence Analysis
Next-Generation Sequencing Identifies the Danforth's Short Tail Mouse Mutation as a Retrotransposon Insertion Affecting Expression
ImmunoChip Study Implicates Antigen Presentation to T Cells in Narcolepsy
Massive Mitochondrial Gene Transfer in a Parasitic Flowering Plant Clade
The Prefoldin Bud27 Mediates the Assembly of the Eukaryotic RNA Polymerases in an Rpb5-Dependent Manner
Genetic Determinants of Trabecular and Cortical Volumetric Bone Mineral Densities and Bone Microstructure
Encodes a Novel and -Genus-Specific Regulator of Photoperiodic Flowering in Rice
Only One Isoform of CTP Synthase Forms the Cytoophidium
Mechanisms Involved in the Functional Divergence of Duplicated GroEL Chaperonins in DK1622
A Genome-Wide RNAi Screen in Identifies the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunit ACR-7 as an Antipsychotic Drug Target
Autophagy Induction Is a Tor- and Tp53-Independent Cell Survival Response in a Zebrafish Model of Disrupted Ribosome Biogenesis
Ancient DNA Reveals Prehistoric Gene-Flow from Siberia in the Complex Human Population History of North East Europe
Inflammation-Mediated Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations Drive Cancer Development in the Neighboring Epithelium upon Stromal Abrogation of TGF-β Signaling
MicroRNA-3148 Modulates Allelic Expression of Toll-Like Receptor 7 Variant Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
RNAi–Based Functional Profiling of Loci from Blood Lipid Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Genes with Cholesterol-Regulatory Function
CELF Family RNA–Binding Protein UNC-75 Regulates Two Sets of Mutually Exclusive Exons of the Gene in Neuron-Specific Manners in
Coordination of Chromatid Separation and Spindle Elongation by Antagonistic Activities of Mitotic and S-Phase CDKs
The Ubiquitin Ligase Subunit Acts in Target Tissue to Restrict Tracheal Terminal Cell Branching and Hypoxic-Induced Gene Expression
Mitotic Evolution of Shows a Stable Core Genome but Recombination in Antigen Families
Tysnd1 Deficiency in Mice Interferes with the Peroxisomal Localization of PTS2 Enzymes, Causing Lipid Metabolic Abnormalities and Male Infertility
A Regulatory Pathway, Ecdysone-Transcription Factor Relish-Cathepsin L, Is Involved in Insect Fat Body Dissociation
PcG-Mediated Higher-Order Chromatin Structures Modulate Replication Programs at the BX-C
MSH3 Polymorphisms and Protein Levels Affect CAG Repeat Instability in Huntington's Disease Mice
JNK-Interacting Protein 3 Mediates the Retrograde Transport of Activated c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase and Lysosomes
Discovery of a Splicing Regulator Required for Cell Cycle Progression
Rearrangements of 2.5 Kilobases of Noncoding DNA from the Locus Define Predictive Rules of Genomic -Regulatory Logic
Admixture Mapping in Lupus Identifies Multiple Functional Variants within IFIH1 Associated with Apoptosis, Inflammation, and Autoantibody Production
Roles of the Developmental Regulator Homothorax in Limiting Longevity in
miR-199a-5p Is Upregulated during Fibrogenic Response to Tissue Injury and Mediates TGFbeta-Induced Lung Fibroblast Activation by Targeting Caveolin-1
A Kinome-Wide RNAi Screen in Glia Reveals That the RIO Kinases Mediate Cell Proliferation and Survival through TORC2-Akt Signaling in Glioblastoma
Assembly of the Auditory Circuitry by a Genetic Network in the Mouse Brainstem
SOX2 Co-Occupies Distal Enhancer Elements with Distinct POU Factors in ESCs and NPCs to Specify Cell State
Cell Reprogramming Requires Silencing of a Core Subset of Polycomb Targets
Properties and Modeling of GWAS when Complex Disease Risk Is Due to Non-Complementing, Deleterious Mutations in Genes of Large Effect
Essential Developmental, Genomic Stability, and Tumour Suppressor Functions of the Mouse Orthologue of
Conditional Inactivation of the DNA Damage Response Gene in Mouse Testis Reveals Separable Roles for Components of the RAD9-RAD1-HUS1 Complex in Meiotic Chromosome Maintenance
Genome-Wide Analysis Points to Roles for Extracellular Matrix Remodeling, the Visual Cycle, and Neuronal Development in Myopia
Patterning of Leaf Vein Networks by Convergent Auxin Transport Pathways
An Evolutionary Perspective on Epistasis and the Missing Heritability
A Retrotransposon Insertion in the 5′ Regulatory Domain of Ptf1a Results in Ectopic Gene Expression and Multiple Congenital Defects in Danforth's Short Tail Mouse
The Mub1/Ubr2 Ubiquitin Ligase Complex Regulates the Conserved Dsn1 Kinetochore Protein
Mutations Can Cause Enamel-Renal Syndrome (ERS)
Yemanuclein and HIRA Cooperate for Assembly of H3.3-Containing Nucleosomes in the Male Pronucleus
Hepatocyte Growth Factor, a Determinant of Airspace Homeostasis in the Murine Lung
ISWI and CHD Chromatin Remodelers Bind Promoters but Act in Gene Bodies
COM-1 Promotes Homologous Recombination during Meiosis by Antagonizing Ku-Mediated Non-Homologous End Joining
Control of Multicellular Development by the Physically Interacting Deneddylases DEN1/DenA and COP9 Signalosome
Antagonism Versus Cooperativity with TALE Cofactors at the Base of the Functional Diversification of Hox Protein Function
Dynamic Association of NUP98 with the Human Genome
Ectopic Expression of Induces Spinal Defects, Urogenital Defects, and Anorectal Malformations in Mice
Regulation of Contributes to the Lineage Potential of Neurogenin3+ Endocrine Precursor Cells in the Pancreas
Gene-Based Testing of Interactions in Association Studies of Quantitative Traits
The Amidation Step of Diphthamide Biosynthesis in Yeast Requires , a Gene Identified through Mining the - Interaction Network
Plant-Symbiotic Fungi as Chemical Engineers: Multi-Genome Analysis of the Clavicipitaceae Reveals Dynamics of Alkaloid Loci
Genome-Wide Diversity in the Levant Reveals Recent Structuring by Culture
DNA Methylation Mediated Control of Gene Expression Is Critical for Development of Crown Gall Tumors
Identification of the SlmA Active Site Responsible for Blocking Bacterial Cytokinetic Ring Assembly over the Chromosome
Expression of a Novel P22 ORFan Gene Reveals the Phage Carrier State in Typhimurium
Altered Cohesin Gene Dosage Affects Mammalian Meiotic Chromosome Structure and Behavior
Quantitative Analysis of Histone Modifications: Formaldehyde Is a Source of Pathological N-Formyllysine That Is Refractory to Histone Deacetylases
Duplicate Abalone Egg Coat Proteins Bind Sperm Lysin Similarly, but Evolve Oppositely, Consistent with Molecular Mimicry at Fertilization
Lessons from on the Strengths and Weaknesses of Structured Association Mapping
DNA–Methylome Analysis of Mouse Intestinal Adenoma Identifies a Tumour-Specific Signature That Is Partly Conserved in Human Colon Cancer
Transposon Variants and Their Effects on Gene Expression in
Polygenic Modeling with Bayesian Sparse Linear Mixed Models
Single Transmembrane Peptide DinQ Modulates Membrane-Dependent Activities
The JNK Signaling Pathway Activates Expression of Stress Response Genes by Derepressing the Fos/HDAC Repressor Complex
The Interaction of CtIP and Nbs1 Connects CDK and ATM to Regulate HR–Mediated Double-Strand Break Repair
Regulation of Metamorphosis by Xenobiotic Response Regulators

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