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Expression of Concern

Expression of Concern: 24-Hour Rhythms of DNA Methylation and Their Relation with Rhythms of RNA Expression in the Human Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex

Research Article

Natural variation in the regulation of neurodevelopmental genes modifies flight performance in Drosophila

Adam N. Spierer, Jim A. Mossman, Samuel Pattillo Smith, Lorin Crawford, Sohini Ramachandran, David M. Rand

The haplolethality paradox of the wupA gene in Drosophila

Sergio Casas-Tintó, Alberto Ferrús

Independent domains for recruitment of PRC1 and PRC2 by human XIST

Thomas Dixon-McDougall, Carolyn J. Brown

Synaptonemal Complex dimerization regulates chromosome alignment and crossover patterning in meiosis

Spencer G. Gordon, Lisa E. Kursel, Kewei Xu, Ofer Rog

DNA polymerase theta suppresses mitotic crossing over

Juan Carvajal-Garcia, K. Nicole Crown, Dale A. Ramsden, Jeff Sekelsky

Double drives and private alleles for localised population genetic control

Katie Willis, Austin Burt

Integrative genomic analysis of early neurogenesis reveals a temporal genetic program for differentiation and specification of preplate and Cajal-Retzius neurons

Jia Li, Lei Sun, Xue-Liang Peng, Xiao-Ming Yu, Shao-Jun Qi, Zhi John Lu, Jing-Dong J. Han, Qin Shen

Gene disruption by structural mutations drives selection in US rice breeding over the last century

Justin N. Vaughn, Walid Korani, Joshua C. Stein, Jeremy D. Edwards, Daniel G. Peterson, Sheron A. Simpson, Ramey C. Youngblood, Jane Grimwood, Kapeel Chougule, Doreen H. Ware, Anna M. McClung, Brian E. Scheffler

NCK-associated protein 1 like (nckap1l) minor splice variant regulates intrahepatic biliary network morphogenesis

Kimia Ghaffari, Lain X. Pierce, Maria Roufaeil, Isabel Gibson, Kevin Tae, Saswat Sahoo, James R. Cantrell, Olov Andersson, Jasmine Lau, Takuya F. Sakaguchi

Reduction of WDR81 impairs autophagic clearance of aggregated proteins and cell viability in neurodegenerative phenotypes

Xuezhao Liu, Limin Yin, Tianyou Li, Lingxi Lin, Jie Zhang, Yang Li

A loss-of-function mutation in RORB disrupts saltatorial locomotion in rabbits

Miguel Carneiro, Jennifer Vieillard, Pedro Andrade, Samuel Boucher, Sandra Afonso, José A. Blanco-Aguiar, Nuno Santos, João Branco, Pedro J. Esteves, Nuno Ferrand, Klas Kullander, Leif Andersson

Genome-wide association study of fish oil supplementation on lipid traits in 81,246 individuals reveals new gene-diet interaction loci

Michael Francis, Changwei Li, Yitang Sun, Jingqi Zhou, Xiang Li, J. Thomas Brenna, Kaixiong Ye

A cohesin cancer mutation reveals a role for the hinge domain in genome organization and gene expression

Zachary M. Carico, Holden C. Stefan, Megan Justice, Askar Yimit, Jill M. Dowen

The microcephaly gene Donson is essential for progenitors of cortical glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons

Sathish Venkataramanappa, Dagmar Schütz, Friederike Saaber, Praveen Ashok Kumar, Philipp Abe, Stefan Schulz, Ralf Stumm

Behavior of dicentric chromosomes in budding yeast

Diana Cook, Sarah Long, John Stanton, Patrick Cusick, Colleen Lawrimore, Elaine Yeh, Sarah Grant, Kerry Bloom

Assessing the co-variability of DNA methylation across peripheral cells and tissues: Implications for the interpretation of findings in epigenetic epidemiology

Eilis Hannon, Georgina Mansell, Emma Walker, Marta F. Nabais, Joe Burrage, Agnieszka Kepa, Janis Best-Lane, Anna Rose, Suzanne Heck, Terrie E. Moffitt, Avshalom Caspi, Louise Arseneault, Jonathan Mill

Characterization of C9orf72 haplotypes to evaluate the effects of normal and pathological variations on its expression and splicing

Israel Ben-Dor, Crystal Pacut, Yuval Nevo, Eva L. Feldman, Benjamin E. Reubinoff

Neuropeptide F signaling regulates parasitoid-specific germline development and egg-laying in Drosophila

Madhumala K. Sadanandappa, Shivaprasad H. Sathyanarayana, Shu Kondo, Giovanni Bosco

Identification of MFRP and the secreted serine proteases PRSS56 and ADAMTS19 as part of a molecular network involved in ocular growth regulation

Swanand Koli, Cassandre Labelle-Dumais, Yin Zhao, Seyyedhassan Paylakhi, K. Saidas Nair

The long noncoding RNA FRILAIR regulates strawberry fruit ripening by functioning as a noncanonical target mimic

Yajun Tang, Zhipeng Qu, Jiajun Lei, Reqing He, David L. Adelson, Youlin Zhu, Zhenbiao Yang, Dong Wang

The etiology of Down syndrome: Maternal MCM9 polymorphisms increase risk of reduced recombination and nondisjunction of chromosome 21 during meiosis I within oocyte

Upamanyu Pal, Pinku Halder, Anirban Ray, Sumantra Sarkar, Supratim Datta, Papiya Ghosh, Sujay Ghosh

Analysis of the SNARE Stx8 recycling reveals that the retromer-sorting motif has undergone evolutionary divergence

Francisco Yanguas, M.-Henar Valdivieso

activin-2 is required for regeneration of polarity on the planarian anterior-posterior axis

Jennifer K. Cloutier, Conor L. McMann, Isaac M. Oderberg, Peter W. Reddien

The capacity of origins to load MCM establishes replication timing patterns

Livio Dukaj, Nicholas Rhind

Doublesex regulates fruitless expression to promote sexual dimorphism of the gonad stem cell niche

Hong Zhou, Cale Whitworth, Caitlin Pozmanter, Megan C. Neville, Mark Van Doren

Drivers of linkage disequilibrium across a species’ geographic range

Kay Lucek, Yvonne Willi

IKAROS is required for the measured response of NOTCH target genes upon external NOTCH signaling

Maud Lemarié, Stefania Bottardi, Lionel Mavoungou, Helen Pak, Eric Milot

Androgens regulate ovarian gene expression by balancing Ezh2-Jmjd3 mediated H3K27me3 dynamics

Sambit Roy, Binbin Huang, Niharika Sinha, Jianrong Wang, Aritro Sen

AMPK-dependent and -independent coordination of mitochondrial function and muscle fiber type by FNIP1

Liwei Xiao, Jing Liu, Zongchao Sun, Yujing Yin, Yan Mao, Dengqiu Xu, Lin Liu, Zhisheng Xu, Qiqi Guo, Chenyun Ding, Wanping Sun, Likun Yang, Zheng Zhou, Danxia Zhou, Tingting Fu, Wenjing Zhou, Yuangang Zhu, Xiao-Wei Chen, John Zhong Li, Shuai Chen, Xiaoduo Xie, Zhenji Gan

Distant activation of Notch signaling induces stem cell niche assembly

Andriy S. Yatsenko, Halyna R. Shcherbata

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