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Oocyte Family Trees: Old Branches or New Stems?
Unmet Expectations: miR-34 Plays No Role in p53-Mediated Tumor Suppression In Vivo


Guidelines for Genome-Wide Association Studies


Genomic Data Reveal a Complex Making of Humans

Research Article

Functional Evolution of Mammalian Odorant Receptors
Allelic Heterogeneity and Trade-Off Shape Natural Variation for Response to Soil Micronutrient
GWAS Identifies Novel Susceptibility Loci on 6p21.32 and 21q21.3 for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Carriers
DNA Methyltransferases Are Required to Induce Heterochromatic Re-Replication in Arabidopsis
Let-7b/c Enhance the Stability of a Tissue-Specific mRNA during Mammalian Organogenesis as Part of a Feedback Loop Involving KSRP
The Secreted Immunoglobulin Domain Proteins ZIG-5 and ZIG-8 Cooperate with L1CAM/SAX-7 to Maintain Nervous System Integrity
RsfA (YbeB) Proteins Are Conserved Ribosomal Silencing Factors
Gene Conversion Occurs within the Mating-Type Locus of during Sexual Reproduction
The Chicken Frizzle Feather Is Due to an α-Keratin () Mutation That Causes a Defective Rachis
Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Scans for Total Body BMD in Children and Adults Reveals Allelic Heterogeneity and Age-Specific Effects at the Locus
Balancing Selection at the Tomato Guardee Gene Family Maintains Variation in Strength of Pathogen Defense
Large-Scale Introgression Shapes the Evolution of the Mating-Type Chromosomes of the Filamentous Ascomycete
OSD1 Promotes Meiotic Progression via APC/C Inhibition and Forms a Regulatory Network with TDM and CYCA1;2/TAM
Intact p53-Dependent Responses in miR-34–Deficient Mice
FANCJ/BACH1 Acetylation at Lysine 1249 Regulates the DNA Damage Response
CED-10/Rac1 Regulates Endocytic Recycling through the RAB-5 GAP TBC-2
Histone H2A Mono-Ubiquitination Is a Crucial Step to Mediate PRC1-Dependent Repression of Developmental Genes to Maintain ES Cell Identity
F-Box Protein Specificity for G1 Cyclins Is Dictated by Subcellular Localization
The Gene Encodes a Nuclear Protein That Affects Alternative Splicing
A Key Role for Chd1 in Histone H3 Dynamics at the 3′ Ends of Long Genes in Yeast
Genome-Wide Association Analysis in Asthma Subjects Identifies as a Novel Bronchodilator Response Gene
GRHL3/GET1 and Trithorax Group Members Collaborate to Activate the Epidermal Progenitor Differentiation Program
Brain-Specific Rescue of Reveals System-Driven Transcriptional Rhythms in Peripheral Tissue
Recent Loss of Self-Incompatibility by Degradation of the Male Component in Allotetraploid
Pregnancy-Induced Noncoding RNA () Associates with Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 and Regulates Mammary Epithelial Differentiation
The HEI10 Is a New ZMM Protein Related to Zip3
The SCF Ubiquitin E3 Ligase Ubiquitylates Sir4 and Functions in Transcriptional Silencing
Induction of Cytoprotective Pathways Is Central to the Extension of Lifespan Conferred by Multiple Longevity Pathways
Role of Architecture in the Function and Specificity of Two Notch-Regulated Transcriptional Enhancer Modules
Loss of ATRX, Genome Instability, and an Altered DNA Damage Response Are Hallmarks of the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres Pathway
A Regulatory Loop Involving PAX6, MITF, and WNT Signaling Controls Retinal Pigment Epithelium Development
The Three Faces of Riboviral Spontaneous Mutation: Spectrum, Mode of Genome Replication, and Mutation Rate
A Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis of Circulating Sex Hormone–Binding Globulin Reveals Multiple Loci Implicated in Sex Steroid Hormone Regulation
The Role of Rice HEI10 in the Formation of Meiotic Crossovers
A Trans-Species Missense SNP in Is Associated with Sex Determination in the Tiger Pufferfish, (Fugu)
Influences Bone Mineral Density, Cortical Bone Thickness, Bone Strength, and Osteoporotic Fracture Risk
Evidence of Inbreeding Depression on Human Height
Comparative Genomics of Plant-Associated spp.: Insights into Diversity and Inheritance of Traits Involved in Multitrophic Interactions
Detecting Individual Sites Subject to Episodic Diversifying Selection
Regulates Rhodopsin-1 Metabolism and Is Required for Photoreceptor Neuron Survival
Identification of Chromatin-Associated Regulators of MSL Complex Targeting in Dosage Compensation
Three Dopamine Pathways Induce Aversive Odor Memories with Different Stability
TDP-1/TDP-43 Regulates Stress Signaling and Age-Dependent Proteotoxicity in
Rapid Turnover of Long Noncoding RNAs and the Evolution of Gene Expression
The Yeast Rab GTPase Ypt1 Modulates Unfolded Protein Response Dynamics by Regulating the Stability of RNA
Histone H2B Monoubiquitination Facilitates the Rapid Modulation of Gene Expression during Arabidopsis Photomorphogenesis
Cellular Variability of RpoS Expression Underlies Subpopulation Activation of an Integrative and Conjugative Element
Genetic Variants in , , and Influence Male Recombination in Cattle
Differential Impact of the HEN1 Homolog HENN-1 on 21U and 26G RNAs in the Germline of

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