PLOS Pathogens - Číslo 3/2010


All Mold Is Not Alike: The Importance of Intraspecific Diversity in Necrotrophic Plant Pathogens


Expansion, Maintenance, and Memory in NK and T Cells during Viral Infections: Responding to Pressures for Defense and Regulation


HIV and Mature Dendritic Cells: Trojan Exosomes Riding the Trojan Horse?

Research Article

Tsetse EP Protein Protects the Fly Midgut from Trypanosome Establishment
Perforin and IL-2 Upregulation Define Qualitative Differences among Highly Functional Virus-Specific Human CD8 T Cells
N-Acetylglucosamine Induces White to Opaque Switching, a Mating Prerequisite in
Origin and Evolution of Sulfadoxine Resistant
Rapid Evolution of Pandemic Noroviruses of the GII.4 Lineage
Natural Strain Variation and Antibody Neutralization of Dengue Serotype 3 Viruses
Fine-Tuning Translation Kinetics Selection as the Driving Force of Codon Usage Bias in the Hepatitis A Virus Capsid
Structural Basis of Cell Wall Cleavage by a Staphylococcal Autolysin
Direct Visualization by Cryo-EM of the Mycobacterial Capsular Layer: A Labile Structure Containing ESX-1-Secreted Proteins
Lipopolysaccharide Is Synthesized via a Novel Pathway with an Evolutionary Connection to Protein -Glycosylation
MicroRNA Antagonism of the Picornaviral Life Cycle: Alternative Mechanisms of Interference
Limited Trafficking of a Neurotropic Virus Through Inefficient Retrograde Axonal Transport and the Type I Interferon Response
Direct Restriction of Virus Release and Incorporation of the Interferon-Induced Protein BST-2 into HIV-1 Particles
RNAIII Binds to Two Distant Regions of mRNA to Arrest Translation and Promote mRNA Degradation
Direct TLR2 Signaling Is Critical for NK Cell Activation and Function in Response to Vaccinia Viral Infection
The Essentials of Protein Import in the Degenerate Mitochondrion of
Dynamic Imaging of Experimental Induced Hepatic Granulomas Detects Kupffer Cell-Restricted Antigen Presentation to Antigen-Specific CD8 T Cells
An Accessory to the ‘Trinity’: SR-As Are Essential Pathogen Sensors of Extracellular dsRNA, Mediating Entry and Leading to Subsequent Type I IFN Responses
Innate Killing of by Macrophages of the Splenic Marginal Zone Requires IRF-7
Exoerythrocytic Parasites Secrete a Cysteine Protease Inhibitor Involved in Sporozoite Invasion and Capable of Blocking Cell Death of Host Hepatocytes
Inhibition of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Ameliorates Ocular -Induced Keratitis
Membrane Damage Elicits an Immunomodulatory Program in
Fatal Transmissible Amyloid Encephalopathy: A New Type of Prion Disease Associated with Lack of Prion Protein Membrane Anchoring
Nucleophosmin Phosphorylation by v-Cyclin-CDK6 Controls KSHV Latency
A Combination of Independent Transcriptional Regulators Shapes Bacterial Virulence Gene Expression during Infection
Inhibition of Host Vacuolar H-ATPase Activity by a Effector
Human Cytomegalovirus Protein pUL117 Targets the Mini-Chromosome Maintenance Complex and Suppresses Cellular DNA Synthesis
Dispersion as an Important Step in the Biofilm Developmental Cycle
Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus ORF57 Protein Binds and Protects a Nuclear Noncoding RNA from Cellular RNA Decay Pathways
Differential Regulation of Effector- and Central-Memory Responses to Infection by IL-12 Revealed by Tracking of Tgd057-Specific CD8+ T Cells
The Human Polyoma JC Virus Agnoprotein Acts as a Viroporin
T Cell-Dependence of Lassa Fever Pathogenesis
Endocytosis of the Anthrax Toxin Is Mediated by Clathrin, Actin and Unconventional Adaptors
A Capsid-Encoded PPxY-Motif Facilitates Adenovirus Entry
Homeostatic Interplay between Bacterial Cell-Cell Signaling and Iron in Virulence
Serological Profiling of a Protein Microarray Reveals Permanent Host-Pathogen Interplay and Stage-Specific Responses during Candidemia
YfiBNR Mediates Cyclic di-GMP Dependent Small Colony Variant Formation and Persistence in

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